Our Services

Our freight services
As a family-owned, Minnesota-based trucking company, Q Carriers is one of the leading refrigerated trucking companies, offering a number of carrier services to help customers move their products efficiently and effectively.

Long-Haul Refrigerated Trucking
With routes from the Midwest to the East Coast and into Canada, we use late-model temperature-controlled trailers to primarily haul fresh produce, dry goods and frozen food. We have trucking lanes throughout the country, with loads that average over 1,000 miles each. We can accomplish that with the help of experienced drivers, satellite systems in the trucks and electronic logs for our drivers. We invest in our equipment to keep our fleet updated with current technologies and safety features. Click here to view our shipping lanes.

Regional Refrigerated Freight Services
With our regional transportation service, you receive a high level of freight service throughout the Midwest. Our refrigerated trucks are all late-model equipment with state-of-the-art satellite systems and technology, and behind the wheel are experienced drivers. Click here to view our service area.

Brokerage Freight Services
Q Carriers Logistics is our brokerage company, which specializes in matching up customers who have freight needs with trucking companies that have available capacity. We have access to trucking companies throughout the country and have an excellent track record in finding affordable and dependable services for customers. Click here for more details about Q Carriers Logistics.